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Why can measured body values fluctuate during the course of the day?
The measurement results of a body analysis scale may provide different results based on the time of day. This is caused by the mechanism of the Bio Impedance Analysis and is not a sign of a malfunction of the scale.
Rather, such are caused by fluctuations in the water content of the body. The human body can lose up to 3 kg of liquid during sleep and is usually dehydrated in the morning after waking up. The water reserves are refilled during the course of the day.
For meaningful results, it is therefore recommended that a body analysis be performed in the evening (best between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.).

Besides these normal fluctuations, different results can also be caused due to changes in the water content based on diet, consumption of liquids, menstruation, illness, exercise, and bathing.

Distorted results can also occur in
  • persons with fever, oedema or osteoporosis
  • persons in dialysis treatment
  • persons taking cardiovascular medication
  • pregnant women
  • persons under the age of 17
  • persons of Asian and African origin
Monday, 22. July 2019
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