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What does BMI mean?
The body mass index is a key indicator that is calculated based on the body weight in connection with the body height (body weight divided by body height in centimetres squared).

The BMI is only a reference value to determine the weight category (normal weight, underweight, overweight). Additional factors, e.g. age and gender, must be added for an enhanced interpretation.

Classification of body weight according to BMI
(Source: World Health Organisation, 2000)

BMI (kg/m²)


< 18,5


18,5 - 24,9

Normal weight

25,0 - 29,9


≥ 30,0


30,0 - 34,9

Adiposity level I

35,0 - 39,9

Adiposity level II

≥ 40,0

Adiposity level III

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